Before the Storm

I love the light before the storm comes

The dim

The almost sepia tone

That calls to me

I love the light before the storm comes

My electric refuge

My turbulent home

I love the light before the storm comes

When you can feel it

Like a chill on your skin

When summer gives in

And releases

I love the light before the storm comes

Like a kiss

A brushing of lips

Like hands pulling away

I love the light before the storm comes

For I belong


Song of Cera

Give me me my fair share of emotion

Let it pump through my veins

Like a drug

Let the heady bouquet

Of adrenaline

Course through me

Until I become

A fighter

A warrior

In control in the madness

Let the world fall silent

Until I can hear blood

Rushing in my ears

And I can grasp at

The burning inside

The beating heart of rage

Then flip the coin

As simple as the movement

Of you wrist

And gently place me

In the role of peacemaker

I am a diplomat with a wicked tongue

As fast as you need me to become

I will play the role with ease

Only moments after

I was ready to destroy

And I will fall asleep to the sounds

Of my childhood

Fear and Loathing playing

Like a lullaby

And punk rock blasting through

My bedroom wall

And I will dream that I am a God

Of Chaos and Peace


I have always walked the fine line
Between destruction and creation

Until I was brought to my knees

Felled by my own weakness

Then stark contrast

Was all there was

Between who I am

And who I would become

A glaring choice

Devils and angels voices

Ringing in my ears

Both paths treacherous

Betrayal or terror

The scales before me

Weighing my soul

With no weapons in these empty hands

With my sharp tongue lying dormant

I decided

I fought the silent battle

With only my will

I destroyed myself

In nihilistic fury

Only to believe again

In this thrumming heart

All for the simple pleasure

Of a smile

My Friend

I’ll wait for you

My friend

In the darkness of night

When we play hide and seek

I’ll search for you

My friend

When the Dawn sneaks gently in

I’ll beg for you

My friend

When I grow cold and still

Your hands will softly warm me

Your lips will brush my forehead

And then you will be gone

I will find you

My friend

When I am the goddess of bedlam

You’ll stand by my side

And murmur to me

Promise me

My friend

If I look hard enough I will find you

Sweet serenity

Bless me

And let me hold you

My friend

The Notes of Home

Casually I observe

How badly the timing was off

My past was one misstep

After another

Only now am I grasping

The beat of my heart

Only now can I dance

Ever so slowly in time

Knowing not everything is mine

Knowing that it’s getting easier

To close my eyes

As I dream of sunset car rides

And California autumns

I am finding that home

Is the place where you can hear

The notes of the music


A nihlilist

A cynic

Unforgettably unforgiven

A shining actor

Who believes this all to be true

An optimist
soft hearted



Bathed in a

Bullet proof vest

Each choice


With each dream a nightmare

With each mistake

When cornered you break


In a bullet proof vest

Strength is your weakness

You cling to it like an addict

I know it’s immence



But beneath your vest is a heart

That loves

So much that it is deadly

Your fear

That makes your pulse race

Is your beauty

You are right

You are loved

Sleight of hand

Pick a card any card

Take the gamble and choose

Draw from the deck

Full of wild cards

You pause

You wait

Your eyes move side to side

Your hands in fists

As if

to fight fate itself

All because you aren’t willing

To risk

Too much time to decide

The minutes die

The clock gives in

And time stops

In the blink of an eye

The choice is a lie

Sleight of hand becomes

The truth


You hold the suicide king

And realize

You have become the card

You go numb

And with shaking hands

Except what was chosen for you

Your mouth dry with regret

Your tongue tied with protest

You place the card on an alter

Your pride is the sacrifice

Never again will these

Tricks be played

Next time, you say

Next time you say