Night Swings

I remember you

Do you remember me?

Am I a sweet nothing,

The background music

In your small town dreams?

Can you feel the shadows and images?

Can you hear the footsteps

Of reckless youth?

Was a midnight walk in the park

Enough to form a bond?

Did you love me the way that I loved you?

And when I sleep

I am dreaming of those Night Swings

I am grasping for those moments of simplicity

All it took to get high was the movement of my feet

And the feeling of you by my side

Laughing like lunatics

In this moment of pure escape

What would you say?

If I whispered

That I miss

Moments that we never had

How would you respond if you knew

It was you

That I looked for when things turned bad

And the song in my ears

Was your voice

Arguing with me

In a verbal war never to be won

Because I am not the kind to give up

And I am not the only one

Maybe in another lifetime

The wanderlust will not possess me

And I will stay in the place where I find you

And we will remain upon the Night Swings

So I write these words

A letter to my past

For every friend who loved me then

For every night that could never last

To each and everyone

I owe a debt of gratitude

For these moments

Of innocent freedom

That defy the concept of value

Just know, that when you think of

These beautiful and fleeting things

If you think of me

You can find me on the Night Swings