Winter months erased 

From the calender

But Winter’s icy hand holds on

The smell of snow in the air


That beautiful silence

Broken by the sound of a train

In the distance

Summer comes and all is green


Encased in emeralds

My home

When the word was not

In my vocabulary 

The world where I defined love

And lost myself

The place where I found the pieces

Step by step

The autumn leaves that fall

On the backroads

The covered bridge

That frightened and delighted me

The rock quarry

Where I made a pact

And an everlasting bond

As I made my way through

The journey that brought me

To the gates

Of paradise?

Of damnation?

Of that vanishing grace

That holds on

In the echoing

Passages of my reminiscince



The rain fell and his heart with it

Like a glimmer in a drop of water

Like a shooting star

There was no holding onto the moment

It was joy falling into mourning


Out of sight

His eyes felt weak

His mind recoiled

As he reached out

Into the empty space

Where his heart had once beat

Strong and sure

In the space between

The falling drops

There was little left




That sensation of a missed step

Searching for the next


That the truth will not fail


That reality holds

Olly Olly Oxen Free

I apologize if you do not think that you are loved

This self imposed isolation

 Makes for hide and seek

A desperate delightful search

My loved ones and me

My life is different in daylight than what most of you see

But my loyalty is strong and steady

Even as my abilty to speak wanes

Just give me a little time and you will see I will find I am myself again

My secret self of silence and thought demand attention but soon will fade away

A thief in the night with a blade to my throat

Anxiety coaxes me into believing that nothing I write is worth reading

And who am I with out the words?

Blood trickles freely from me or my pen

As it starts again

That glorious bloodletting

That is truly me

But for just a little while

Let me be alone 

Let me hide

Look past this obvious disguise

Because I am too tired to fight

And it would be a disservice

To water down my passion

To finger paint on the page

Let me rest and I  will  return

With chaos, whimsy, and rage

Wish me sweet dreams for this waking sleep

I will kiss your cheek

And leave you marked

Trapped in Blue

Hidden in my hood

Forgotten in my skin

A self imposed prisoner

Your words carefully placed tranverse the not insurmountble space

Space between us

Yet I do not have the hubris or the unjaded hope that you speak them for me

I comort myself half way asleep

That that sense

Of intensity and masterpiece

Is better held forever in blue that crushes vividly