Ignite (An inspiration poem for A Rambling Psyche)



The flavor of urgency?

Like strawberry chapstick and cheap liquor

Remember when it was all an emergency?

You had to have that kiss

You had to run in the night

And it only took the smallest spark to ignite

That passion

That inspiration

That lead to exhilaration

Lately I feel

As if I have been doused in the mundane

It falls from the common sky like tedious rain

Give me some napalm

Let’s turn the sky to flames

And when we forget out own names

We will run again

We will kiss

We will be desperate

The night will burn

And so will we


This Poem is So Underground (An interactive poem for https://jasonpreu.wordpress.com/)

This Poem is So Underground

I was born in the years of the Mohawk and leather jacket brigade

I learned early how to dye my hair with Kool aid

I grew up wearing thermal shirts held together by safety pins

and bright red plaid pants

I wore Chuck Taylors to my very first dance

I was thirteen when I arrived at my first punk rock show

Five minutes later I broke my nose

I performed spoken word at school

To earn lunch money

No one ever called me cute

And no one ever called me honey

But even with the outcasts I never belonged

I skipped the alcohol and passed the bong

And the straight edge kids made me sick

With X’s on their hands and judgment so quick

So I was stuck in a place

A land in between

Somehow I was playing the game

But I was neither pawn nor queen

I wasn’t hardcore at least not typically

I spent two years running from girls who wanted to fight me

I fought with words

I always had something to say

Like when lying on the ground

Yelling “Not in the face!”

That is just who I was

I never tried to be a part of the crowd

But now I have found

The whole thing has become watered down

Kids flock to Hot Topic

Where the angst is the trend

They eat food court hamburgers

But claim to be vegan

They buy a hundred shirts of bands they have never seen

With angry singers that seem

For no discernible reason

To feel the need to scream

They go home to suburbia

Headphones on and hair in their eyes

They lock themselves in rooms full of posters

And eat bath salts to get high

Until they are convinced

They are in a hot air balloon

Because no one calls you a poser

When you are alone in your room

Interactive poetry

I saw a post from https://aramblingpsyche.wordpress.com/ the other day. He is doing interactive poetry by asking people to give him three words to incorporate into a poem. I love this idea. I have been doing it on Facebook for a while now. So if any of you would like to give me a word or words, a concept, or an idea I will do my best to write a poem for you. I should note that I do not really like nature and almost never write about sex. But I am up for anything else.Throw your best or worst ideas at me guys! I love a challenge!