A nihlilist

A cynic

Unforgettably unforgiven

A shining actor

Who believes this all to be true

An optimist
soft hearted



Bathed in a

Bullet proof vest

Each choice


With each dream a nightmare

With each mistake

When cornered you break


In a bullet proof vest

Strength is your weakness

You cling to it like an addict

I know it’s immence



But beneath your vest is a heart

That loves

So much that it is deadly

Your fear

That makes your pulse race

Is your beauty

You are right

You are loved


Sleight of hand

Pick a card any card

Take the gamble and choose

Draw from the deck

Full of wild cards

You pause

You wait

Your eyes move side to side

Your hands in fists

As if

to fight fate itself

All because you aren’t willing

To risk

Too much time to decide

The minutes die

The clock gives in

And time stops

In the blink of an eye

The choice is a lie

Sleight of hand becomes

The truth


You hold the suicide king

And realize

You have become the card

You go numb

And with shaking hands

Except what was chosen for you

Your mouth dry with regret

Your tongue tied with protest

You place the card on an alter

Your pride is the sacrifice

Never again will these

Tricks be played

Next time, you say

Next time you say

Our hearts and the blade

A slammed door

Shudders as it shakes the frame

Emnity and rage

You open it

Slightly ajar

Because this goes far beyond hate

This is a blade

Sharpened against your hand

This is a lock

That falls dead

This is love

Nowhere is safe

Because the frailty

Comes from within

To look upon what you love

And shatter into pieces

To sacrifice your well cared for


To open the door and little wider

We are all fools

In the face of wild card

The balance beam


Our hearts and the blade

The Things I Carry

Bring me peace

Step by step

Thought by thought

As I gather these postcards

Of my life

Pictures of where I have been

Who I have been

These faded marks upon

My body

Revealing my identity

My secrets

And my open mouthed honesty

Let me unravel

Let it spread

Like a dandelion in the wind

Like a penny in a wishing well

A prayer, an aspiration

As the tell tale signs

Begin to show

The path that I walk

Carrying my nostalgia in my pocket

Softly becoming


We were born sinners

Each of us

Only beginners

Our betrayal is tasteful

In the viewers mouthful

We deny survival for creativity

They devour us with mouths starving

See the players on the stage

The designer misbehaved

Pull the strings

And see if they can be saved

Let the broken be replaced

Turn to dust

If you can’t change

This place is lunacy

Let it fill me

Let it take me

And I’ll sing my praise

In place of the lost days

This is purpose

This is pleasure

In this madness there is no measure

We are

And we will be

We give our sins tastefully

A sacrifice

Worthy of ourselves

The bee’s sanctity

Is in it’s willingness to sting


Your malice is contagion

Your vitriol is wicked

You swallow and spit

In your spite

I am merely a vessel

To carry this sickness for you

But no more

I have learned through

Rehearsed injury

That if I don’t let you

You can’t touch me

You are merely a shade

And I am free

Free to find myself

Without this toxin in my blood

Unchained to find my bliss

Unrestrained in my smile

A nightmare memory

A flashback story

Is all you are to me

Because as tightly as you

Held on to me

I was brave enough to let go

And now you fade

You fade.


We all speak in kind of

The suffering

Of the human condition

But some how we are restrained

When it comes to the other side

Of the equation

For bliss is transcendent

In humans

It’s in being easily amused

It’s laughter

It’s ignorance

It’s honesty

It’s purity

Bliss comes in forms countless

Bliss comes in the imperfect and the beauty


A breathless second



Bliss takes forms in hide and seek

And olly olly oxen free

It is the other side of being alive

That bonds us all