Gilded Cage

How frightened I am of the quiet

All the moments we fill in with silence

And the hours I spend in stillness

I yearn in desperation

For voices

For conversation and laughter

But too often these things morph

Into resentment

And soon become judgment

That leads to anger

That leads to a vileness

On our lips

Where comfort is lost and voices are raised

Comfortable silence

Passion in battle

The desire to be right

In misguided attempts that we know best

Protection through aggression

Words that spill forth waiting for their turn

And a small voice

Barely heard that suggestions

That perhaps we should try to listen


In our knowledge

Only because there is faith

Faith that we see trough

These eyes

That you could be better

Faith through these eyes

That you see the lies you tell yourself

Years spent

Only to find how different you are

Only to find

Those differences

Mesh perfectly

Bring support

Bring empathy

I hate you

You loathe me

And beneath it all

Leaving is not an option

Hold me

Never let go


Creates an Us

We create a life

Perfection is overrated

Perfection is nonexistent

In friendship

And kindship

And love

Passion is the spark

That ignites

What we are looking for



Love of all kinds

So cry out

Openly weep

Take the biggest risk

And wear your vulnerability on your sleeve

Dare to give them the power to hurt you

Dare to give them the power to pick up the pieces