Cry for Change

Increasingly my generation

Looks not for the next shiny new device

But the cracked paint on the windowsill

We thrive in the cities

We beg to be still

Millennials, Xennials, every kid

Who comes next

They will see this world with fresh eyes

And their first cry

Will be for change

It’s easy to dismiss

To play that game

Call us snowflakes

Put us in a safe place

But we’re the ones who are becoming


With no living wage

No appropriate childbearing age

You better pin your hopes

That it’s the young that will change

This America

You better believe we’ll be paying the cost

And before everything is lost

An army of kids will be marching

In the streets

A legion bent on

Making the world a better place

So we don’t ask anymore

Another school shooting huh?

In those casual tones

That betray our empathy

The kids are making history

They have the most to lose

They have the right to choose

And with the old in death throes

They have endured such abuse

You better believe

You’re watching history

And these kids who you

So casually dismiss

Will arise from the ashes

While you hold the matches

And rule the world



Oh my retiscent friend

Hushed, closedmothed, mute

Always present


Let us entwine

Let me nuzzle your neck

And smell spice and dead flowers

Let me grasp for you

Release me at the last second

Oh this sweet complication

How I covet your harmony

How you have such disdain for my desire

That makes me smile

This sweet banter

If only I could forget

How close we were
If only you didn’t know

That your patience always

Leads to victory

Kiss me and let my regrets

Fall away

You are oblivion
and I am fire

Yet we are bound together

By my scars

And by your chains

Tempt me

With your silent smirk

See if I will fall

A Day in the Life

I am awash in the sunrise

I am alive

Regret is a whisper

As my ego and id
mock each other in

A playground fight

Another form of escapism

Another poison rationalization

Another second hand tick

Where I am drowning in the sound

I always want faster

I always want the clock to obey

But the chaos that creates

The peace in my soul

Can wait and wait

I am a secret

In a painfully obvious way

I am awash in the sunrise

Casual Mention

I can’t say what I really want to

Because my life would be destroyed

But the background


Plays like a calliope

Calling to me

All it is is a casual mention

That’s the key to everything

All it is

Is a kiss of the truth

A tight rope walk on the blade

Sometimes all I write

Is bloody nonsense

It’s a nice touch

To distract

From the fact that I am

Silently admitting


The Dunes of this desert

Broken promises

To myself

Counting down the minutes

When I said the clock

Would never control me again

If only wishes

Were like this vast

Desert of hope

I traverse

If only they were the oasis
if only disappointment

We’re not like quick sand

But if only

Is only that

A wish not an oasis

There is beauty

In the dunes of this desert

Let my footprints show how far I have come


It still hurts to dream about you

With eyes so fantastically


To the truth

I only know

That California was never home

I only know that you were

The last thing drawing me back

But now I find myself homesick

Like I did on that drive in the dark

With headlights as guides

And my nerves on fire

Wishing I had just a minute to find

The words

That would make it all

Make sense

So here I am

Survivors guilt and secrets unrequited

Make a heady mix

I only wish

I could find the words to

Make it make sense

Through Blurry Eyes

If I was just a little luckier

When the cards revealed my fate

I would have learned this lesson



But that’s never been my style

With each step I took

I came to the conclusion

I live
to forgive

I’ve already been given more years

Than I ever thought I would have

I have been given more chances

Than I can count

But for all you taught me

I listened

When I could

And forgave

Your weaknesses

And my own

Through blurry eyes

I forgive