It’s a little sick

When you become an addict

Seeking out that moment

Right before you step off of the cliff

Just because you covet the fall

But you want the crash

Most of all

What is life?

When it is all fight or flight?

Hyper-vigilant always ready

You can’t hear the song

If the beat is steady

No, life is like jazz

The notes all have their own will

And it is the ones that you don’t hear

That can kill

And they can and will

But you are waiting for them

In that peaceful moment

In the eye of the hurricane

Right before you run

With a battle cry into the rain

You will fight

You will fly

Hell in this

Or some other timeline

You might die

But you want it


That moment when you step out onto the stage

And the lights come on


Bring me the challenge

Move those mountains

Bring me the bedlam

Forget taming it

I want to be along for the ride