Forgiveness In Two Acts

Today was a bad day.
Today I was reminded exactly how selfish
Self-destruction is
We milled about in the frozen morning sunlight
I had just come home
And I was so far away
You had just opened your eyes
As if for the first time
We had mutterings with our coffee
Midmorning resentment began to bloom
Like ink on a page
A spreading, wordless mistake
I cursed your cold demeanor
one time too many
with my angry red mouth
You struck like a viper
All teeth and no mouth
No hunger just bite
No desire only empty crushing jaws
I sobbed in shock
I cried because I could feel
How heavy a burden I was
I wept because we were lonely
I broke down because I felt anguish
I screamed because your desperation for me burned
We fell into an embrace
A deranged collection of limbs
Shouting madness at each other
Pleading to be understood
Until a moment fell upon us
And we found ourselves speaking
The same words

I was so scared
I was so scared
You left me
I left you
Where did you go?
Where did I go?
I was so scared
I was so scared
Why did you leave me!? Why?
Why did I leave you!? Why?
I don’t understand. I’m so sorry.
I don’t understand I’m so sorry.
I was so scared!
I was so scared!
You can’t leave me again! You are all that I have!
I can’t leave you again! You are all that I want…

Our lips trembled then silenced as they met.
Us against the world
But for now
Let me be small
Let me be quiet
Let me be repentant
In your arms
And I will kiss you to sleep
When darkness crawls across us