A Death Has Occurred

So many things I should have said

So many simple spoken words that could have altered lives


Time moves on in gentle, dusty swirls

Universes expand and we step moments closer to eternity


Have faded away

One more blurry photograph

In the stammering collage of my past.

You have become just another supernatural thought

To make the visions on my eyelids all the more tragic

Once you were held high

An ephemeral angel created for my admiration

But not even creatures divine

Can fly

On the frail wings of broken hopes

So you fell….

You were left shattered and broken

On the concrete of my mind

Then you fell so low in my regard

That your scattered bones barely existed

I am certain that my death has occurred in your thoughts

My face twisted by sharp words

My body massacred by misplaced aggression

However this apparent fact does not hold my attention

So who am I to think

That you would be troubled

That I read your obituary aloud in my dreams?