Letter to a Father

They say you either die a hero

Or live long enough to see yourself become a villain

But when a man lives as both

Walking a tight rope

Crossing and crossing again

That fine line

Between nobility

And savagery

Between gentle kindness

And righteous fury

You rode through the night

And chased the wind

Only to return

To wipe away tears

And teach questionable wisdom

When a man lived as you did

He is bound to join the fallen

King of decaying castles

Your pain echoes

In the halls of my brain

But even broken

You taught me

You made me who I am

Thank you is not enough

And I don’t know how to say goodbye

Every engine’s roar

Is your ghost

The smell of leather

Makes me remember

The jingle of keys

Makes me search for you

Somewhere you are glory

Giving the after-life a run for its money


Just like me

A rebel to the end and beyond

Just like me

I waited too long to shed tears for you

Just like you wanted me to

Wherever you are


The devil himself

Look behind your shoulder

And smile

I am your daughter through and through