At some point in my life
I convinced myself that all people are complex
That regardless of actions or words
There were spinning gears of Rube Goldberg devices inside their heads
Perhaps because that is how I saw myself
And I desired to no longer be alone
But as I encountered more simple people
More creatures of routine
More steadfast fanatics 
And stoic practical creatures
I started to wonder if I had been wrong
I could only hope that behind the dogma
Entire universes of thought existed
That these individuals so single natured had motivations beyond
The base needs of humanity
That their souls were not as monochrome as they appeared
But I remain constantly perplexed
At what seems to be the death of critical thinking
It is no longer encouraged
Instead it is made to suffer and die
At the hands of mob mentality
I try and sometimes find beauty
In those whose single mindedness
Drives them
Simplicity is no more inherently wrong than the complex
But the war begins when a single thought dominates
And tries to suffocate anything different from itself
When opinions become right and wrong
And the devil’s advocate is anyone who suggests
A deviation
But that leads me to believe
That this desperate clinging to a single idea
Has to be more than it seems
That there is fear
Or love
Or pain
That causes us to hold so tightly
That causes us to believe whatever we are told
That it awakens a sliver of hope
And we are hungry and begging for more
So much so that we blind ourselves
And in that darkness we find comfort


Forever Dangerous

As she tosses her hair away from her face
You see the flash of a smile
A mischievous smirk
That questions you
You see fire in those eyes
It beckons
Come play with me
Forever dangerous
Knowing that to touch her
Is to fall
Down the rabbit hole
What will it be today?
Pleasure or pain
The thrill
Is in the unknown
Burning cold rage
That flickers
Before ceasing to exist
Desperate drowning sadness
Crooked hands that drag you down
Only to become the very hands
That lift you up
Constant doubt
Like a daisy’s petals
She loves me
She loves me not
Only to discover that despite
Her fickle tendencies
Her loyalty
Is a force stronger than gravity
Her love is conditionally unconditional
And she is not afraid of it
The moment you feel like giving up
The contagion of her enthusiasm
Will overcome you
And just when you think
That isolation is her best friend
Her charisma emerges
Suddenly she is loved by many
But she sees
Nearly none
A constant game to be played
Where the stakes are high
But she couldn’t care less
About the outcome
The beauty of destruction
The agony of creation
They bend and twist and flow
Like molten metal inside of her
The constant fear that her light
Has burned out
The constant relief to see that it shines
Forever dangerous