An Introvert’s Cage

Jack be nimble

Jack be quick

Jack ended up in a strait jacket

This old man he played nine

He played nick knack on my spine

Just stay calm repeat the rhymes

Maybe no one will notice

That I exist


Please stop

Making small talk

This city is too big

There are too many

What ifs?

I am surrounded

I must get out


I must escape the words

That fall from undead mouths

Before I begin to feel their bite

And I become one of them


I must return

To my room

Where my dreams

Protect me

Where my safety

Is solitude



Why have I always felt

That this world wrong?

Trapped in the cage

That most would call freedom

It may leave me alone, aloof, and estranged

But I would rather be a blank page

Than one filled

With senseless dialogue


I long for the twilight

When the sunlight stretches too long




They say that my definition

Of perception

If flawed

I smile and nod

Aware that perception

Is what has lead me here

Constant explaining

People draining

Me of every energy

Until solace is all I seek


For this the majority

Think that I am as mad as a hatter


Leave me alone in this place of creation

I will emerge upon occasion

But not because I need validation

Not because I have the slightest

Desire to join the human race

Where we all run until

Our deaths



We all live in prisons

Of our own making

And once created

They are almost impossible to



But maybe it’s the ones

That disobey

That at the end of the say

Sleep soundly