The Way Home

Tattered pages

Folded in the corners

To show where we paused

Where we went back to real life


Bent and creased

From loving hands

That seek to find their place

For us these are portals

They are doors

That allow us

To go back to the worlds

That we love

To live a million lives

To know more

Than we ever knew we could

They are windows to inspiration

They are snapshots of heartbreak

Places where we left off

When the page became tear stained

Only to return and cry again

What beauty would be added to life

If only we could stop the story

If even for a moment

To absorb

To revel in love and life

And even loss

A bookmark is home

A place that we may return to


And never be turned away

Glory to the tattered pages

Of our lives


Patience and Perseverance

Patience and Perseverance

brothers (2)

Two entirely different coins

But on the same side

Our arguments are legend

We thought our grudges would never die

You made statements

I asked why?

You said I will wait you out

I said wanna bet?

You say patience is a virtue

I say you know who is patient?


You tried to lead by example

And of course I rebelled

But there is no doubt

That you taught me well

Because I never knew what perseverance was

Until I refused to give up on you

And I like to think my insanity

Taught you your patience too

So now you carefully explain

Right and wrong to your child for an hour

And I am in the background

Yelling fight the power!

We may spend a lot of time

Shaking our heads at each other’s nature

You forever the director

I forever the player

But when we manage to make a team

We can’t be beat

And in all honesty

Your qualities have rubbed off on me


Maybe someday I will be patient enough

To understand how you put up with me

But until then I will persevere

At running head long into being hasty