Mouth Full Of Salt

I have spent

Unending hours

With a mouth full of salt

Spitting words

To try to alleviate

The taste

Defacing a blank page

To detract from what

I could not evade

My gallows humor

My self depricating smirk

The gentlest forms

Of my enmity

But alone with

That mouth full of salt

I swallowed

In great gulps

Until it was a part of me

Blindly assuming

I was the one in control

And when I was proven


I gorged myself on sleep

And found only


I clawed

Until my nails bled

Trying to climb

From that hollowness

The futility lost

In the fight

It was not until

I lowered my fists

That I realized the

Days gone by

Were behind my lips

And I choked


I was free


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