They said

This albatross around my neck

Unable to sing my accolades

My ego merely a deception

I have walked with these crutches

For far too long

As I fracture

I speak


How dare it leave my mouth?


Fractures can be beautiful

And despite

My desire to hide

I would gladly rush into battle

For reasons worth believing in

Fractured is not broken

And I refuse

To give in

It would be so easy to give up

With my history

Clinging to me

And my arms wrapped

Around it like a lover

So easy

But I refuse

I have become stronger than that

And the only person

Who thinks I am a disappointment

Is me

No more

As I stare into this fractured

Looking glass

I will see the truth

My past is merely a shadow

I am stronger for it

And the truth is

I never thought I would make it this far

But fractured and lovely

I have


2 comments on “Fractured

  1. Gwen Burson says:

    A magnificent paean to your strength, penned to bolster both you and your readers. I love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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