Hands Aligned

There is a Pandora’s box inside my head

With memories long since dead

Yet they creep and crawl

And howl to be let out

It is only the strength of those I love

That struggle with me

To keep it shut

So if you want to throw a punch

Aim carefully

We are a family

Brothers and sisters in arms

And nothing is going to hurt me today

The twilight

The sunrise

My most treasured times

When all is silent

Even the creatures in my soul

And all I hear is heartbeats

Telling me to go on

I am stronger than I know

Oh how I love

Every hand that aligned with mine

Precious every one


One comment on “Hands Aligned

  1. Gwen Burson says:

    You outdo yourself regularly. I like this positive and hopeful work.

    Liked by 1 person

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