I am exhausted with sinners and saints

Acting like there is no grey

So I say my agnostic hallelujah 

I won’t be the martyr on the stage

But I will fight for what I believe

Till my hands bleed

The stigmata of someone who

Won’t stand down

Who won’t just pretend

That travesty is fine

I will not stand idly by

And let hate normalize

I will not listen to second hand saints

Whose willful ignorance 

Deserves penance to be paid

I will not listen to the double talk


From mouths filled with insidious poison

I will not kneel

I will not kiss the ring


Always resist

Rebel with acceptance 

Protest with peace


Show them nothing can stop love

That’s my hallelujah 


One comment on “Hallelujah 

  1. Gwen Burson says:

    Kira, I can’t quite find the words to adequately praise this. It’s so full of breathtaking comment on what I see as the current situation in my country. I realize not everyone will see it that way but that is how I see it. This is a work I’d love to be able to sit in a room with other people and learn how each feels interprets it and especially how it applies to the individual. You continue to astound!


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