I won’t tell you you’re beatiful

Look elsewhere if

That is what you’re searching for

There is no such thing as honor

We are all ftactured

The approval we seek

Is only from others with dirty secrets

We can’t  hear our own voices anymore

I tire of these masks we wear

And I am guilty 

I would love to say that these words


Are not me begging to regain

Everything lost

But that would be a lie in my mouth

I have heard silence so loud it hurt

Loneliness so strong it suffocated

My mistakes are endless

My trauma is extensive

I have returned from nowhere

I am not the only one

All of this

 and I will tell you what I have found

You don’t need to be beatiful

You don’t need to live your



Perfection is a shooting star that burns out

I won’t tell you you’re beatiful 
But amidst the chaos

The trauma

The lost chances

The story of your life has been written

You are the broken glass that creates a mirage


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