My head is filled with ink

Drops and splatters 

Like a murder scene

Shiny like an oil spill

Bitter on my tongue

The pools are getting deeper 

Connecting combining 

Until I am alone on my own

Little island grasping my pen

With the white knuckles of an addict

Stabbing  at shadows with familiar


Dipping the pen in the ink

And decorating my wrist

My thighs

My mouth

Looking at the smooth pool 

Wondering what it would be like

To drown

All the energey to scrawls the walls

With nonsense

Or brilliance

And here I sit

Curled into a small ball

Because I am dangerous

The desire is strong to write

Pages of fire

The desire is strong to hate those that


And don’t  dream of men

With shoes filled with ink

Just a trickle and it will be a waterfall

Alone in with my hood pulled up

Make yourself small

Maybe they won’t notice you at all

Maybe they won’t try to make you speak

Because your choice is a scream or a squeak

This is not normal even in my broken brain

The walls are getting blacker

And the ink is closing in

Dear god some one help me

Reach down a had and pull me out before I forget why I want to leave

Was it for love?

All I can taste is ink

Was it for passion?

The ink slides like silk on my skin

It will replace everything 

Until I am just a heartless creature wandering

These drippimg halls of ink

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