God’s Acre

My feet crunched on the bones

Of the skeletons

That had overwhelmed the closet

In this void

Until I came upon a mountain 

Of hard steel balls

That each containened a secret

I climbed

An aeon and a day

To reach the precipice

And standing on my toe tips

I began to feel


Not pleasantly like I could 

Float away and swim between the stars

But a black sensation

Of having nothing to hold onto

I briefly think that one

Small step and I would tumblie into


But oh not yet

I scramble down and stand in

This marble town, this crypt,

This God’s acre

Call it what you will I doubt any god comes here

To stroll about in decay and pain

But perhaps they do

Perhaps I am that God

This  badlands of past mistakes

And bridges burnt

Secrets kept

And the flesh reveleaed

I never want to come here but sometimes

Something in me craves to reminded

Of what I left behind

And yet when every time I leave

I take something with me

As if this desolate god forsaken

Place of my own creation calls me back

And presents me shiny baubles

To remind me that one day

I I will destroy this place

Or it will destroy me

If myself destructive tendencies

Never die

Perpaps our demise will be mutual

Good bye until next time

Salted earth of the past 

I will take nothing with me I think

But from the bauble in my hand

My father’s voice speaks

And from the necklace I collected

My mother whispers with

A vipers tongue

Is this healing or chasing death?

I don’t think I can decide that yet

As I tear the jewel fom my neck

And leave it in the wasteland


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