I am grabbing handfuls of my hair

In anxiety 

Sleep is an illusive beast

Because all I can feel is this



Undertone of anger and hate

Maybe I’m just cynical

Because my eyes have opened

To see that all of this is cyclical

Oh the glorious echo chamber

Where everyone of us is right
And it’s so fragile

That if  someone shatters the illusion

It’s  a death match 

I wish this was hyperbole

But how can it be?

When family stops being family

If they disagree
When cognitive dissonance

Ends in shootings

And the puppet masters pull

The strings

We dance for them until we are bloody

We dance until we hate ourselves

We dance until the loathing


And all we can do is scream
Other humans are only fodder

And they tell us this is the 

American Dream

Even though it took it’s last breath

At the hands of greed

And they expect us to ignore the

We take sides and if anyone doesn’t agree

We beat them down

Until they start to see
A society that is guilty

A culture where independence

Means me me me
But stop


I have spoken enough of sickness

This storm has a lining silver

These chained hearts and 

Locked minds have a key


Because with voices strong

We whisper our story

With hearts that beat

We have empathy

It’s time to change the narrative

It’s time to truly live


Even if you disagree

Do not place your heart

On the alter of wrong and right

It’s  a futile sacrifice
Hand your enemy the key
Understanding will never be found

In defense or a blood sport culture of fear

It will be found in the story

It will be found in the humanity 


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