New Shoes for the Rain God

Staying with friends in California 

I wake up to the mournful howl of a lonely dachshund 

He is the most adorable alarm clock

I thank him as I leave my temporary room

I put on my sparkly new Converse

And head out into the rare Cali rain

On a quest for coffee

I walk much slower than usual

My feet will never easily break in

New shoes

I start to limp slightly

Vaguely wondering if my feet are bleeding again

A stranger stops me

As we part ways she asks me 

If I would like to stand under her umbrella 

At least until the rain let’s up

I smile

I don’t mind the rain

I say as I continue my slow limping pace

It occurs to me that on these walks I take

When it is still dark

Often raining

And my feet hurt greatly

That I don’t complain

Not even in the privacy

Of my own head

When the reason why finally hits me

Everything looks

Just a little more


Like my

New shoes

Returning to my old

Stomping grounds

Has been wonderful

But fraught

With ghosts

I wasn’t expecting to see

But these ghosts

These that come in the form

Of rainfall and

New shoes

These I can dig

These are ghosts of gratefulness

When I was growing up here

I never whined about the rain

I begged for it

When I walked these streets as a child

New shoes

Were such a luxury

That the pain was welcome

These tactile spirits remind me

That even the girl 

Who ran away

Can’t forever forget where

She comes from

And despite the pain



That is so beautiful

3 comments on “New Shoes for the Rain God

  1. Casey Rafter says:

    My adoration of this poem has nothing to do with the fact that it features a reference to my dog. It has a LOT to do with you stretching your skills and excelling at it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. wymry says:

    I really like this poem. It’s a nice companion to Night Swings I think. Both have a sweet reminiscence.

    Liked by 1 person

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