Doubt part I I: Revenge

I’ve spent my time as of late

With coffee rings

And craving cigarettes

I had a long conversation last night

With my disappointment and regrets
I felt every cut

And I bled

As my old friends

Created havoc in my head
I loathed myself

Hysteria fell in my tears

I gave up, I gave in

I embraced my fears
But when it all said and done

I had the courage of a gunslinger

Terrified to the marrow 

But on the trigger was my finger

Ready to fire

Ready to fight
Time to put away the doubt

Under lock and key

Time to put on my armor

Time to put my heart on my sleeve
Because I see now

The secret they kept from me

Failure is easy
But now I stand the test

And what’s that they say

The best revenge is successShe was the only who truly burned

Like he dud

She saw was the first female member of Damage inc

She was the first to wear her colors

She was the first to whisper

Leave this broken body behind

Chase this wind without sight

Let these burning stars be your bike

Let that that engjne roar

Let the angels and demons join your sîd3

Let them hear my battle cry

I am my Father’s Daughter


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