False smoke

From electric cigarettes

The last hope

The newest trend

Sweet corruption

My old friend

Melt like a sugar cube 

Of poison on my tongue

Shout my secrets

As I self destruct

In you I will always place my trust
Consume my sin

The past and the toxin

Repeat the apocryphal prayer

And brand my soul unforgiven
You are loyal 

By my side and I have no say

You whisper your prayers

And I am your prey

I mutter, I shriek, 

I call to these four walls,

And in every language I beg
Caress me like a lover

Leave bruises 

Where no one can see

And when our fights

Become fists, and kicks, and injury

We won’t hold back the agony
I will fall into shade too deep

Lost on the path of obscurity

Until I no longer fear your treason

Until I can no longer hear your reason

And the countless cuts, wounds, and lacerations

Upon my psyche

Become only white noise
And the prison you keep me in 

Becomes a choice


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