The Story

There is s place for me at this table

Something I never thought that I could earn again

With my lost years

And the pain I unleashed with no shame

I have found

That we live our lives with the hands we’re dealt

And all the struggle

All the battles

Everything we’ve felt

Evading and obeying the rules

Hardly changes the game

The true belief that I am worthy

The self loathing dichotomy

Never changes my name

But this is a tarot deck

As I try to predict

What chaotic action

I will take next

I have no poker face

Only passion

As I feel the draw of those who care

I pull away


By destruction

By creation

By the love that encompasses me

And the resentment

That comes through too clear

Whispers I can only hear

That must never be spoken

This is a story

With no plot

No ending

But I remain

And all I can do is watch

As it plays out

One comment on “The Story

  1. Linda davis says:

    I like THE STORY. Good job Kira

    Liked by 1 person

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