Game of Chance

I’m asking questions

To be or not to be

These thoughts are coming faster

Flashes of the past are blinding me
Take these dice and roll them

Let them tell me who I am

Let the wandering numbers decide

Because I can’t
Not a modicum of moderation

Always leaping to extremes

I am through the looking glass

Caught between the nightmare

And the dream
With every reflection

I can’t stand the me in the past

Yet I detest this self pity

I desperately wish to shatter the glass
Only to realize

The futility

Because the past

Is what has created me
I will take to my grave

The secrets that I keep

I won’t reveal the truth

Yet I betray myself with every word I speak
My shadow is growing longer

As the sun sets on the elapsed

My form is growing stronger

As the dice are cast
Life is like a storm

Fate and destiny mean so little

Control is an illusion

In the face of the unpredictable
There are rainbows unexpected

Some days only threaten rain

But all we can do is cling to who we are

When they become a hurricane


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