I can hear the ticking

I can feel the seconds

As before my eyes they collect

Heart beats that combine

To form a story

A coming of age


A kaleidoscope of change

Think of me what you will

Hold a grudge and dwell

No one will even notice

That you are holding still

Because a passing moment

Is only sleight of hand

A trick of time

And no one is going to be

The antagonist of my story

If change is the only


Then I will take this paradox

And erase the inscription

That you have tried to carve

Into me

You can continue on this

Well beaten path

But you’ll discover

That I will be your biggest mistake

As you pace

I erase

And fill in the blanks

With every word

With every heart

With every person

That revels

In the pain

The beauty

The rage

The change


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