Welcome to the world’s greatest


Come forth and see my collection

A compilation

Printed on the corpses of

Withered family trees

Pick a card

Any card

You’ve chosen the Lovers

(They always do)

See the passion in their eyes

See their hands like claws

As they desperately tear each other apart

Trying to climb within the others skin

An act of mutually assured destruction

To keep the world out and the sickness in

Two star crossed lovers

A romance long adored

Because if the stars align

The lovers are simply bored

Go ahead take another


Now you’ve drawn the mother

She sits in a room

With victim scrawled across the wall

And a shiny badge that says messiah

Shoved like a nail through her palm

As the blood flows from her sacrifice

Her eyes glaze and we see

A rare moment of calm
You can close your eyes

If you don’t wish to see

But denial only goes so far

When this is the language of love

That we have been taught to speak

Sid and Nancy

Kurt and Courtney

Joker and Harley


This is the kind of love that screams

Rarely does


Romantasize the kind that whispers


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