Live fast

Die young

It could be emblazoned on my

Family’s coat of arms

I’ve watched those I love

Burn like a thousand suns

Only to fade to flickering

Dying candlelight

And in all the discord

Of those burning suns

I assumed I would not have a future

A J.D. with no thought

The risks I took

Because life didn’t seem real

Only a bad dream

A flashback

A cycle I was doomed to repeat

But here I am

In the future

Living a life 

Where the light burns and fades

But never dies

I was never prepared

For this fine line

Of self destruction

And empathy

My own path

As I navigate a minefield

Of mistakes

I am not them

But for just a little while

The sunburn was beautiful


One comment on “Sunburn

  1. wymry says:

    I really like this poem. The stanza that goes from a thousand suns to dying candle light is beautiful. The continuing theme of sun and light and how it burns and fades is genius. And I really love the ending – the sunburn was beautiful. It’s really touching. It shows how them in your life was still worth it.


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