Blood Will Out

I have my mother’s eyes

That stare back at me

From the mirror to remind

They are hers dark and cunning

But they are mine 

Universes of self

Galaxies of mind

I have my father’s build

Shoulders that carry

The world

Hands that only serve

To  grasp

And watch as what I love slips away

Blood is thicker than water

Never held much meaning

For me

But genetics bind

The brother who gave me my name

The sister who read to me

This family

With a sickness

Like a discolored thread

That ruins a tapestry

We weave our stories

Separate but linked

There are days the mirror is my enemy

And nights that I think

We weave dreams

Shadows hide between chromosomes

Light shines in spaces of a double helix

Separated by worlds

A silent reminder that I am a we


3 comments on “Blood Will Out

  1. Cindy G says:

    I think I get these poems, personally – as
    I am your mother’s step child of 7 years before/when she met Jim and later your life began. You found a beautiful survival path in words and her artistic abilities are one blessing you and your sibs seem to have received. I don’t pretend to understand your lives with them, but have a clue and believe that the trials you have all overcame helped you become better, stronger and wiser. With my best wishes for the desires of your heart. Cindy (Miller) Giesen. Peace be with you.

    Liked by 1 person

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