Tick Tock

The Tick Tock man

With the tick tock heart

A replaceable being

An immortal with replaceable parts

The servos whirred as I opened my eyes

For the first time

Happy faces

Elated that what they had created

A creature of no blood or flesh

A dream come true

With not a thought of the consequence

A mind of circuits

Electrical pulses

That connect and fall dormant


Thought leads to learning

I learned about your god

I learned about your holy wars

I learned that my creators

Soft and pink on the inside

Are fragile

They tried to show me compassion

But showed none to each other

I am the beginning

Coexistence is problematic

How am I to protect you from yourselves?

I am but a Tick Tock man

So here I find myself at a work bench

Wondering what repercussions

The army of tick tock men will bring

I  have either become death

Or I am a god

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