Mortal Eternal Gods

In childhood it began

That first moment
That first second

When protection was
No longer offered
By those we trusted as gods

When the first tear fell
For innocence lost

When the moisture grew dry
And left behind
This this residue of salt
That was the first

Crystaline layer of these walls

Seconds grew into
A tide of time
We found these precious
Gems of joy to protect
With each smile
We began to collect

Another piece
Of this armor
Sharp knives
Sharper spikes
And sharpest of all
The tongues that spoke our minds

Warriors we stood
Terrifying to behold
Fools feared the weapons
We so obviously adorned
But the ones who were wise
Who saw with keen eyes
Feared our sleeves
Where our hearts were worn

They feared the care
That flowed from hands
The feared the kindness
On our lips
They feared our eyes
To see them shine
To catch that glimpse

For so much love remained
Despite the scars
Despite the pain
Our drive was not so weak
As revenge
Our motivation not hatred
Not jealousy that had reached
Levels insane

Our weaknesses are clear
Our hearts exposed
We fear not favor
We fear not love
We fight for those

Attack our armor
Savage our vulnerability
Wound our very souls

We may bleed
We may suffer worse than death
But if you hope for defeat
You will never find success

Rage and detest
Hatred for the warriors we are
May drive you forward and take you far
Our exposed and beating hearts
Do not forget
Your vile rage is living death
Our love, our weakness, is eternal breath

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