Untitled like your name

I stare up at the night sky
Light years
Between those pin points of light
And the world begins to spin
Disorientation sets in

Knowing I am but a speck
In this infinity
I close my eyes
And feel the earth
Firm beneath my feet

Only to open my eyes
And see this mockery
Of reality

Like a stage
Where the lights
Are blinding

The plot has gone awry
The characters
Have descended into

I set the bar so low
But they disregarded it

Share Gif: http://media.riffsy.com/images/903125c6c8465b133609776721f42a0d/raw I stand in the wings
Watching this travesty
Refusing to engage in the fallacy

My faith is trampled
As the illusion falls away
And soon I will stop
Being amazed

At this tragic joke
Of a life reveling in apathy
Rejoicing in each act
That is some how worst
Than the last
As I turn away



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