The Fallen

The world saw a lavish Utopia

Yet in my small unnoticed place
In this dynasty
I see

A king starving for a feast
Alone he sits
At the head of the table

With empty plates
And rotting food
He wastes away

This place decays
As the mad queen wanders
Complimenting her great skill
She revels in the beauty
Only she can see

Quietly I wait and listen
This castle is crumbling
I pray for the day
It turns to dust

I beg the old gods
Who may be listening
That these mortal flaws
Bring ruin

That the deception
Is revealed
The people
Who were once ruled

Take their hands and crush
Each stone
That the king perishes
And the mad queen in chains

As we who once followed
Heal this fallow soil
That we replace
Every stone
Of this damned place
With life
And growing things

One comment on “The Fallen

  1. Gwen Burson says:

    I see the concern for the environment as well as agony over the destruction of Syria there. Brava, Kira!


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