My head is fuzzy
Thinking through wet cotton

5:22 in the morning
Sunrise coming

Duplicitis calm
Enveloping me

A misleading
Witching hour

I cling to the last
Of the quiet night

Slumber calls to me
A hushed demanding

I close my eyes
Feel the weight
Of this eclipse

Only to open them
So that I may
In this blind silence

I let the nightfall
Gently kiss my lips
I let the silence
Caress me

The stars blanket me
I wrap them around me
They soothe me

Somewhere between
Dreams and reality
I inhale
Breath deeply
Taste all the possibilities

Insomnia has teeth
When the mirror reflects
Your face

But in the silence
When nothing exists
Except for you

There is peace

One comment on “Asteria

  1. Kelli Lewis says:

    Another wonderful poem with so many great and expressive lines. Thinking through wet cotton, how genius is that? Perfect description for slow thinking. Duplicitous calm enveloping me. Love that line. Misleading witching hour, Hushed demanding, blind silence, taste all the possibilities, insomnia has teeth. I could quote the whole entire poem for all the great lines it has. This is a lovely expressive and descriptive poem that makes you feel exactly what she is feeling. I read it in the wee hours of morn and the lines have stuck with me throughout the day because they have such beauty and grace.


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