Sister of the Stars

We existed in a sky
Of ink and obsidian
We rubbed our hands
Searching for warmth
As we drifted
With such potential
But aimlessly
Searching for our purpose

We would stray the sky
Without the guides
Who were meant to be

Sometimes we would stare
Sometimes we would gaze
At the distant stars
With envy

There was no time there
The universe was endless

But somehow
Before our gazing eyes
She appeared

The Queen of Stars

We were struck
By the artisty of her beauty
We were in awe of her kindnesses
Of her compassion
Of her power

We wept
Because she had never appeared
To us before

She laughed
Like the tinkle of bells

I have always been here
It was you who was not ready
To see me
I have always loved you
Always watched over you

The stars that you so
Longingly gazed at
Were my eyes
My heart was the hope
In you that never died


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