Second Hand Tales

Generations of pain
I so casually ignored
Stories that I never heard

Stories I never asked to be told

What did you see when you looked at me?
Were you as confused as I was?
So much alike
So different
So much animosity
So much love

Secondhand tales
Told from mouths not yours
Like the coat I kept
Although it never fit

I don’t want to feel this way
I don’t want to miss you
I don’t want tears to pour from my eyes
At the sight of a picture

I want to shriek at God or the Fates or Death himself

But my words to the world come in sobs

How could you let this happen?
What was the purpose of all of it?
And Death…
You were old friends
I hate you
But you let him slide too many times
I still hate you

And to the world I open my empty hands and beg
What do I do?

One comment on “Second Hand Tales

  1. Gwen says:

    To me, this is a pleading scream asking for understanding and help. Very touching. I think it’s beautiful in a heart-rending way.

    Liked by 1 person

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