The predator does not question it’s killing teeth
It does not question it’s ripping, tearing claws

Just as the prey does not question that it should run
It is instinct
It is nature

The idea of the victim
Exists only in the minds of those not occupied with desperate hunger

Morals are nothing but a roll of the dice.
A gambler’s riverboat dream

In your eyes, is the predator, the prey, and the voyeur

Which you become is decided in merely the space of a breath

It’s so effortless to let those glowing green eyes emerge

It’s so easy to let unleash frozen fearlessness

When you are know you are doing the right thing

You can sacrifice the unwilling
Fall on your own sword
Quietly whisper one word
And watch the annihilation

And when it all falls
You will agonize

But tears are for victims


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