Societies rules to control us for our own safety
Societies paradox paradigm
Spewing forth ataxia
Social convention
At the highest levels
To the most magnificent trash
Politely executing
Honor among thieves

This wondrous deceptive kismet
This dance of the dice
A gambler’s riverboat daydream

As if life is some grotesque performance art
And no one has told us what parts we play

But how quickly those masks fall away
With manic hysteria the dice roll snake eyes

And all it takes is a moment

To realize that human that was in the mirror yesterday

Has become the sinner, the scoundrel, the criminal. The villian.

The blood on your hands does not wash away with good intentions

The bitter chill in your eyes does not melt with a smile.

It is of little comfort when evil is done from the passion of good

Righteous anger only brings satisfaction that seduces you into obsession

There are reasons beyond counting for committing the most despicable acts

Justifications run amok

But the human mind

Is wicked

When you realize that all these “rules” are arbitrary

It can become deadly

When your eyes see all that is wrong

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