4:36 a.m.

4:36 a.m.

I am beneath the sky
The hour is meaningless

I sit on my porch
My eyelids unwilling
My blurry eyes
Committing heresy
Against my vision

The shadows
Black on black
Bare their teeth
They know me

The harrowing wail
Of the howl of emergency
Desecrates the hush

I do battle
With my imagination
Who wishes to manifest
Gruesome cinema

All for the sake
Of the hellish show
That feeds my fear
And embraces my sickness

Nightmares become the stage
Where fantasies perform
And the captive audience is forced to applaud

My fatal strike
To it’s black center
Is a small and secret smile

The starshine
My clandestine heart

The chill before the dawn
Is a spellbinding lullaby
That croons to sleep
My burning ardor
If only for a moment

That between seconds
Becomes an eon

Within that eons
There is a clear pool
Where I taste the sweet
Liquid on my lips

My mouth is stained
With memories
I drink your smile

I consume
The lavish laughter
That we shared

The clear pool

It is purity of peace
Untouched by nightmares
Surpassing dreams

it fills this riotous mind
With breathtaking reality

That ugliness cannot

The love and allegiance
Of a chosen few

And the unbreakable,
the loyalty
and the link that inhabits my veins
and animates the core of all that I am

And within in this place it is infinite


4 comments on “4:36 a.m.

  1. Àmazing writing, thanks! 🙂

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