Frozen Heart

Ran rampant
Shooting like bullets
Exploding like
Dying stars

Your words of wisdom
Were denied in my bitterness
My volatile emotions
Were shut down
By your anger
By your struggle

There was anarchy
Between us
That seemed eternal

But when you fell
When you were crushed
By a life that chose you
The look in your eyes

Taught me the meaning
Of sorrow
It demolished my heart

And then you were gone

With a whisper
Your voice too tired to rage

I froze my heart
I shed no tears
I lived my life

And yet
You lived on
In my brother
In myself

I never realized
How much you taught me
Until it was too late
To say thank you

And now after all this time
My heart begins to thaw
I shriek
At this unexpected
At this unwelcome

Weeping seems strange
In this cold morning light
But grief has given me
No choice

I am finally strong enough
To say
I miss you
My heart has warmed enough
To say I love you

I imagine cracks
Forming in my frozen heart
As it escapes it’s prison
They hurt

But it is worth it


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