The Eyes That Have Seen

I feel like I have just woken up.
I feel like my clumsy hands are finally grasping something more than the murky watered down hope
Which sustained me for so long

That street that I so often dream of
Does not haunt me with it’s loneliness
At the moment

The ache of a sepia toned
Memory laden
Is dull
As my perspective shifts

The isolation
More often than not
Self imposed
Is not clinging to me
It is not suffocating me
It is small and weak
Compared to these voices

Voices that I neglected
Voices that I viewed with contempt
And wrote off in my angst
Claiming wildly
That I could not be understood
Because I was terrified to listen

Being ready
To hear what they had to say
Tip toed in
Like a ghost
Then crashed like a wave

Leaving me in awe
That they would still speak
Like a siren’s song
Calling me home

Not whispering
Not screaming
Not singing
But simply stating

We see you
We know your spectacular flaws
We know that you were hiding
But you are home with us

You can’t change that
You can’t blacken it with sadness
Or destroy it with chaos
It is
And always has been

You can bring out
Those flash bulb memories
Of all the awful things
You can splash the gore
Across the stage
And make it all dramatic

But quietly
We will love you
Just like we did
And if you bother
To stop sleep walking

You will see that you love us
More than you love
The anguish
The indignity
The nonsense
The mess

I hear these voices
And reply in kind
That my loyalty never wavered
As broken as I was

Because these bonds
Forged in fire
And cooled in icy apathy
Are not to be shattered

We are the eyes that have seen
And for that
We fiercely love each other

2 comments on “The Eyes That Have Seen

  1. Gwen says:

    I love it, Kira! It’s beautiful. It’s hopeful. To me, it’s a recognition of the part that we each play in our life.

    Liked by 1 person

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