Listen to the Stars

In the winter darkness

Alone in my room

I listen

I wait patiently

In what many consider silence

For the siren’s song of inspiration

It begins

The molecules swirl

The sparkling stars


And become new again

As they sing

In a language of creation

In the music of unity

In the lyrics that remind

We are all stardust

I reach out

To touch them

I put my fingers to my lips

I can hear their tinkling laughter

As I taste my dreams

Their mirth comes with wisdom

Because they know my dreams

Are not night things

They are not the nonsense

That my mind plays while I sleep

My dreams are trusting enough

To say I love you

My dreams are of a family

That says

Here, you are home

My dreams are of the innocence

In my niece’s eyes

That reminds me of my own

My dreams are of my fearless nephew

Who reminds me

That beauty exists

When you don’t let the world

Tell you who to be

The stars laugh and play

Giggle and tease

They know my dreams

They know they are coming true

And every time I feel the gloom

Overwhelm me

I listen

And they sparkle

And explode

Each spark

A glimmering token


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