Clever Deception

My heart is refusing to beat

I am trying to force myself to think

My head is filled with thoughts

But it is not my voice that speaks

It is the shadow that dwells in the badlands

That leaves footsteps of ink

That follow only me

That whispers that time only means

The death of dreams

It is the nightmares

It is the fatigue

It’s the creature on my chest

That won’t let me breath

It is the father of lies

The guardian angel in disguise

It is the specter

That is a thief

That takes the best part of me

It is the mother of deception

Clever in its invisibility

So the battle ensues

It’s me against this ruse

All I can do is deny

All I can do is fight

The killing fields are all in my mind

I am outnumbered

I am brought to my knees

But the killing blow belongs to me

Because patience is the weapon

That always wins the fight

The moment you whisper

I can make it one more night

The secret weapon of mass destruction

Is knowing

Depression lies

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