I stood upon a precipice

I felt the wind on my face

I stood and thought of oblivion

I sought oblivion

As so many of us have before

It whispered to me

Seductive secrets

It assaulted me

With lovers caresses

I breathed in its scent

And I remembered

It drew me close

As if to kiss these lips

But I whispered back

Not this time

Twisted with disorientation

Enveloped with fear

Still I found my voice

Not this time

I have been the villain

I have been the antihero

And as broken down

As tired

As exhausted

As jaded

As I have been

I have a secret

So few know

A piece of the brief innocence

I once knew

A patch I wear like a badge

And even in the grimmest moments

Even in the murky darkness

Of this strange land we call reality

I have hope

I believe

I remember that I am loved

And the oblivion washes away

Because I am protected

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