There came a time in my life

When I came upon two paths

One bright and well-travelled

One dark, overgrown, and neglected

Like a fool I chose the easy road

I found candy apples upon the trees

I ate my fill and for the miles I traveled they fed me

I was mollified

Little did I know that they were poison

And the more that I was filled the more I became empty

I lived on the sweetness

I survived


For far too much of my journey

I thought I was fulfilled

Meanwhile the trees grinned

And I was nearly killed

Until finally in my weakened state

A voice whispered to me

Stray from the path

Find not what you want

But what you need

My footsteps were heavy

But I listened

I listened well

I walked away from the sundrenched trail

Into the shadows, into the pale

The sunlight dappled by the overgrown trees

Soothed my eyes

The soft path covered in leaves

Relieved my weary feet

And everywhere in this place unknown

The wild beauty consoled me

I felt the cool water of a feral stream

I slept in an open glen

And dreamt inconceivable dreams

The stars swirled and spoke

The sky was alive

And in that place

That was not a place

I never feared the night

The lesson I learned was simple

One many have learned before

The path that seems inviting

Has such sharp teeth

You will never feel it biting

It is sedating

And it is hungry

But the path they say is full of danger

The darkness, the unknown, and things far stranger

Is the path for people like me

For sunlit roads tend to let you forget

But among the twisted trees

The primitive things reminded me

Just who I was

And who I was always meant to be

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