The Changing of the Rules

The Changing of the Rule

I say I am excellent at failing

And I say it with a grin

No competition here

It is only accidentally that I win

The concept of success

Has been drilled into our brains

Like a lobotomy

The world is filled with people

Looking to shine

Begging for a medal

To be pinned upon their chest

Searching for the right words

That mean accomplishment

I find it dismal

This universe of hungry souls

Mouths open as if screaming

Waiting to devour any sign that they are worthy

My definition of success

Is best described…

As defective

I can’t grasp the concept

The pride

The ego

It took me years of falling flat on my face

And smirking through the blood

To realize

All I had done

Was change the rules

So many conventions we follow

Are arbitrary and shallow

I chose not to listen

And saw my skills were magnificent

My success come from within

I wear my failure on my sleeve

I compare myself to no one

Because they don’t know my story

What we are worth

And what we have been taught we are worth

Are vastly different things

And a life is wasted

When always chasing a gold ring

Change the rules

And success is no longer beautiful

It is simply people telling you what to do

But destroy the standards

Which they so harshly apply

And you never have to listen

Then the magic happens

That you find


3 comments on “The Changing of the Rules

  1. My success is a smile on my, or the people that matter’s face. You have made me smile with this post, I hope you too have achieved your goal. Lovely piece, thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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