The Impossible Silence

There is a time

When the world becomes still

Time becomes irrelevant

Humans fade away

Like specters

My being shuts down

And there is only hyperbolic silence

Quiet so loud that

That you would shatter

Just to splinter

That awful absence of noise

That suffocates

That drowns you

In its infiniteness

I would cry out

I would let my soul howl

Just to prove that I exist

That there is something more

Than this empty nothingness

The world spins

Lives are lived

And it feels like no one

Notices this terrible silence

Except for me

For all that these eyes can see

Are lips that move with nothing to say

Speeches meant to inspire

That are filled with soundless lies

Whispers of love

That are promises to be broken

The sounds they produce

Create the hyperbolic silence

And there is me

I speak

Passion roaring


Raw and agonizing

And as I watch

I know that too many

Hear only silence


3 comments on “The Impossible Silence

  1. I would just like to thank Hyperbolic Silence for the inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

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