God is a Watchmaker

A girl walked her small town streets

She recognizes everything

The boring cookie cutter houses

The sidewalks

The dog that barks on the corner

Even the trees are so familiar

That you wanted to scream

But she wasn’t screaming

She was crying

Silent tears

That she could not stop from coming

This place where the neighbors waved

This place where happy couples

Walked joyful dogs

She did not fit in here

She could go home

But she knew that she would not

Fit in there either

The looks of pity

The offers of “help”

Forced upon her

Merely a guise of help

This town seemed dead to her

As if every suburban family

Was holding in a shriek

And if they dared to free their voices

They would perish

So she walked

Tears falling

Letting them blur the decay

Down the streets to the shops

Where she saw much to her surprise

A place she had never noticed before

A shop in a dark corner

No sign

Just a time piece on the door

This place looked alive

This place with its quirky style

Stood out

She entered with a tear stained face

And saw an old man behind a counter

The shop was covered in the most perfect

Time pieces she had ever seen

They were art

The old man greeted her

And she walked to the counter

She watched him work

Creating perfection

She was mesmerized

But with no warning he produced a hammer

He began to smash his creations

Some were only dented

Some smashed to bits

Her eyes widened

What are you doing?

She asked

He smiled

Time pieces are like people

He said

Some of them need to be perfect

But can I tell you a secret?

She nodded

Broken is beautiful

And it is the broken people

That change the world

She wiped the tears from her face

Warmth filled her

It is the broken ones

That change the world

She turned and left

She knew that she had learned

The greatest lesson of her life

When she turned back to look at the shop

To once more lock it in her memory

It was gone

Had it ever really been there?

It didn’t matter

Because the smile on her face remained

And she would never forget

It is the broken ones that change the world


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